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In this case just initialize QBChatDialog with active chat service: . The user was composing but has not interacted with the message input interface for a short period of time (e.g., 30 seconds) With QuickBlox you can use all these chat status notifications. All you have to define is the drawable for the chat head and the fragment to open once the chat head is clicked. In a blog post Thursday, Facebook explained how these new features make it simple for users to find and start a conversation with a business.. Default (if not specified): 0 requestBuilder.setSkip(50); sortdesc/sortasc Search results will be sorted by specified field in ascending/descending order requestBuilder.sortAsc(“lastmessage datesent”); To use filters, you should build a QBRequestGetBuilder request and pass it to ‘get dialogs’ request above: QBRequestGetBuilder requestBuilder = new QBRequestGetBuilder(); requestBuilder.setLimit(100); requestBuilder.setSkip(5); requestBuilder.sortAsc(“lastmessagedatesent”); requestBuilder.gt(“updatedat”, “1455098137”); Also possible to use custom parameters in a dialogs retrieval requests so dialogs can be filtered through custom parameters: QBRequestGetBuilder requestBuilder = new QBRequestGetBuilder(); requestBuilder.addRule(“data[classname]”, QueryRule.EQ, “Advert”); requestBuilder.addRule(“data[title]”, QueryRule.EQ, “bingo”); You can request single dialog using code: String dialogId = .; QBRestChatService.getChatDialogById(dialogId).performAsync( new QBEntityCallback () { Override public void onSuccess(QBChatDialog dialog, Bundle params) { } Override public void onError(QBResponseException responseException) { } }); Chatting in dialog QBChatDialog model QBChatDialog model is responsible for full chatting functionality: sending/receiving messages, typing statuses etc. For example, we use Content module to store the dialog’s photo. And you also can handle online users in real time: private QBChatDialogParticipantListener participantListener; participantListener = new QBChatDialogParticipantListener() { Override public void processPresence(String dialogId, QBPresence qbPresence) { } }; private QBChatDialog groupChatDialog = .; groupChatDialog.addParticipantListener(participantListener); Leave group chat dialog try { groupChatDialog.leave(); groupChatDialog = null; } catch (XMPPException SmackException.NotConnectedException e) { } Send and receive a message with attachment Send attachment It’s possible to add attachments to message: for example, image, audio file or video file. Facebook 2018AboutCareersPrivacyCookiesTermsHelp. It will be gladly honored. Games Back Games Android Games iPhone Games Nintendo 3DS Games PC Games PS4 Games Xbox One Games Wii U Games . If this doesn’t solve your issue, let us know.View Full Article Share ArticleWas this information helpful?YesNo. .setServiceName(“chat.quickblox.com”) //Sets the service name of XMPP service (i.e., the XMPP domain). Delivered status SDK automatically manages delivery notifications for all ‘online’ messages if you use marked messages. If you decided not to mark chat messages as read add next parameter to request:messageGetBuilder.markAsRead(false); Update chat messages To update chat messages use QBMessageUpdateBuilder like in next snippet: QBMessageUpdateBuilder messageUpdateBuilder = new QBMessageUpdateBuilder(); messageUpdateBuilder.updateText(newBody) //updates message’s text .markDelivered() //mark message as delivered on server .markRead(); //mark message as read on server QBRestChatService.updateMessage(messageId, dialogId, messageUpdateBuilder).performAsync(new QBEntityCallback () { Override public void onSuccess(Void aVoid, Bundle bundle) { } Override public void onError(QBResponseException e) { } }); For more information refer to Mark messages as read You can mark many messages as read on server using snippet: StringifyArrayList messagesIDs = .; QBRestChatService.markMessagesAsRead(dialogId, messagesIDs).performAsync(new QBEntityCallback () { Override public void onSuccess(Void aVoid, Bundle bundle) { } Override public void onError(QBResponseException e) { } }); It’s possible to mark all messages as read – just don’t pass messagesIDs. So, if you not logged into chat service you can’t send and receive messages via QBChatDialog. What about handling input outside the “head” as well as dragability? I think you’d at least need FLAGNOTTOUCHMODAL, as well as some clever logic to update the Window attributes (i.e., move it) while you’re dragging it. If you save QBChatDialog model and make re-login to chat, you can still use QBChatDialog without reloading. Quickblox Docs Status Quick start Q-municate Cloud backend in 5 minutes Chat Bots Enterprise Enterprise features SDK iOS Chat guide Video Calling guide Android Chat guide Video Calling guide Javascript Chat guide Video Calling guide Universal Windows platform Blackberry Miscellaneous API Overview Authentication Users AddressBook Chat Video calling Content Push Notifications Custom Objects Error Codes & Rate Limits Changelog Extras Parse.com Guides Unity3D Cloud Asset Manager Tool: HURL Tools What links here Related changes Special pages Printable version Permanent link Log in Powered by Mr. User1 receives a ‘read’ status notification that User2 read his message: private QBMessageStatusesManager messageStatusesManager; private QBMessageStatusListener messageStatusListener; // call it after chat login messageStatusesManager = QBChatService.getInstance().getMessageStatusesManager(); messageStatusListener = new QBMessageStatusListener() { Override public void processMessageDelivered(String messageId, String dialogId, Integer userId) { } Override public void processMessageRead(String messageId, String dialogId, Integer userId) { } }; messageStatusesManager.addMessageStatusListener(messageStatusListener); Message carbons This feature defines an approach for ensuring that all of user’s devices get both sides of all conversations in order to avoid confusion. Go to admin panel, Chat module. It means if your opponent is offline while you sending a message – he will automatically receive push notification. Carriers & Providers Back Carriers & Providers Boost Mobile Dish Network Metro PCS Safelink Straight Talk . button presses. QBSystemMessagesManager systemMessagesManager = QBChatService.getInstance().getSystemMessagesManager(); for (Integer userID : chatDialog.getOccupants()) { QBChatMessage chatMessage = createChatNotificationForGroupChatUpdate(chatDialog); long time = DateUtils.getCurrentTime(); chatMessage.setProperty(“datesent”, time + “”); chatMessage.setRecipientId(userID); try { systemMessagesManager.sendSystemMessage(chatMessage); } catch (SmackException.NotConnectedException e) { } . User B can accept this request, but may not be interested in receiving presence info from user B. Override public void processMessage(QBPrivateChat privateChat, final QBChatMessage chatMessage) { for(QBAttachment attachment : chatMessage.getAttachments()){ Integer fileId = attachment.getId(); // download a file QBContent.downloadFileTask(fileId, new QBEntityCallback (){ Override public void onSuccess(InputStream inputStream, Bundle params) { // process file } Override public void onError(QBResponseException errors) { // errors } }); } } . You can adjust these notifications from your Android, iPhone or iPad settings:iOSTo adjust your mobile push notifications on your iPhone or iPad:Tap Tap Notifications > FacebookTap Allow Notifications to turn on notifications from Facebook. Here is an example of how to implement the typing notification. We don’t have any restrictions here – you can attach any type of file. Prepare Chat service To initialise chat service use: QBChatService.setDebugEnabled(true); // enable chat logging QBChatService.setDefaultPacketReplyTimeout(10000);//set reply timeout in milliseconds for connection’s packet. If you have less than 100MB available, you can uninstall apps to clear up space, then retry the download. Override public void subscriptionRequested(int userId) { } To confirm the request: try { chatRoster.confirmSubscription(userID); } catch (SmackException.NotConnectedException e) { } catch (SmackException.NotLoggedInException e) { } catch (XMPPException e) { } catch (SmackException.NoResponseException e) { } To reject the request: try { chatRoster.reject(userID); } catch (SmackException.NotConnectedException e) { } To remove a previously added user from the contact list: int userID = 67; try { chatRoster.unsubscribe(userID); } catch (SmackException.NotConnectedException e) { } Last activity It is often helpful to know the time of the last activity for user whether he is in your contact list or no. shareimprove this answer edited Oct 5 ’17 at 12:06 Vadim Kotov 3,33452743 answered Apr 12 ’13 at 21:11 WazaBe 24.9k41157233 4 There’s more weird stuff, I think. Also these parameters can be used in dialogs retrieval requests. Access contact list users To get users from contact list: Collection entries = hatRoster.getEntries(); QBRosterEntry describes a user entity in your contact list 5a02188284

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